Zero Hour (Tom Clancy's Power Plays, Book 7)

Jerome Preisler

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0425192911

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Created by Tom Clancy and Martin Greenberg, written by Jerome Preisler.





















I’m busy, Lenny,” Noriko said now. “What’s your point? The condensed version, please. ” Lenny shrugged his shoulders. “Just that we’re talking about somebody with ties to our core operations, not the Hershey’s chocolate guy,” he improvised. “It isn’t my job to fill in the blanks. ” “And how does it follow that it’s mine? ” Lenny shrugged a second time, stuck for a persuasive reply. Trying to get past the interference she threw up was like having to dance between raindrops. Noriko kept looking at him, her expression openly scornful.

Very,” Lembock said. “Decent, but not close to the best. ” Malisse looked at him. “Then there is either more going on than a broker’s minor diversification, or you are losing me,” he said. “I’m not sure, Delano, that you are ever lost,” Lembock said, and paused. “But I want to move ahead a half year or so to last June. Knowing he had to make a trip to New York, the broker contacts the same buyer to inquire if he is interested in another parcel of small round-cuts similar to the previous stones . .

Known as a breadloaf cabochon, a style popular eighty years ago. I’d estimate it’s a ten or twelve carater. Imagine how skeptical a customer would be should I try to broker it without a certificate of authenticity. A provenance. Then compound that skepticism by the number of sapphires you’ve brought. Even if the mineral and crystal inclusions . . . the color zones . . . are what they should be for stones that came out of the Himalayas, my buyers would be more than a little curious about how I’ve managed to obtain one or two of them, forget a dozen.

So we could sink our hooks into him and his government,” Nimec said. “It’s part of a grand scheme we’ve hatched to muscle up on vulnerable, cash-strapped societies for our own omnicapitalistic motives. ” “Omnicapitalistic? ” “Don’t look at me,” Nimec said. “I’m still trying to figure out quasi-militaristic. ” Megan shook her head. “These WOW people,” she said. “May I assume they offer their bright ideas about what we should do to defend ourselves against attack? ” Nimec gave a nod. “Their position’s that sharing art, music, and poetry is always the best response to violence.

There is so much aggressive competition in the marketplace these days, so much pressure to best a rival dealer’s lowest markdown, that it is becoming truer and truer to say this is also favored on the supply side . . . although many dealers still prefer to use brokerages. ” Malisse thought for a moment, mopping himself with his handkerchief. There were, he knew, different reasons for that preference, all legitimate. Conditions of anonymity stipulated by collectors in antique and estate sell-offs, the simple lack of a sales, marketing, and distribution force by a gem producer .

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