Wolf's Blood

Jane Lindskold

Language: English

Pages: 544

ISBN: 0765314800

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Raised in the wild by intelligent, language-using wolves, in her teens Firekeeper was abducted back into the lands of men, where her upbringing as a wolf helped her survive the deadly intrigues of human beings.
One of the first things she learned in Hawk Haven was that magic was a thing to be feared and despised. Long ago, all the human kingdoms were ruled by powerful sorcerers. Then a plague came and the sorcerers died.  Nobody misses them. Much was lost--but still, nobody misses them.
Yet as Firekeeper has travelled and grown wiser in the ways of human beings, she's learned that the true story was more complex. In coming to the country of the Liglim, she, Derian Carter, and Blind Seer discovered that magic is still working in the world, and that it isn't always the evil they'd been warned against. But it also turned out that the old plague specifically targeted magic users.  And when Firekeeper and her friends learned to open the gates between worlds, the plague came back with them.
Firekeeper, Blind Seer, and Derian Carter survived the plague: not unchanged, but still themselves. Now Firekeeper is determined to learn the nature of the plague--and if she can, to end it forever. What happens next will be the culmination of the remarkable fantasy epic that began with Through Wolf's Eyes.

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The wolf tilted back his head to gaze upon her face. “Will you tell me what the Meddler has said when he comes into your dreams? ” Firekeeper hesitated, knowing her delay was a trifle longer than would be polite. Had she been speaking with a human, her delay might have been taken as weighing the wisdom of speaking seriously about dreams. However, the wolf—who knew her mood from her scent—was not to be so easily fooled. She felt her skin heat with a blush. In response to that blush, Firekeeper was aware of the rumble of Blind Seer’s growl, inaudible to her ears but felt through her fingertips.

Derian also understands the local culture and religion as well as any of us do, and far better than most of us. ” “And,” Doc said, “the Liglimom owe Derian a favor or two. We don’t know exactly what went on here last year, but one of u-Liall died suddenly, and apparently a fair number of well-placed people were disgraced. Derian is still spoken of with a certain respect and even fondness—and not merely by Junjaldisdu Rahniseeta. ” “Because,” Firekeeper said pointedly, “he not talk about favors he do then.

When alone, she and Blind Seer kept wolf’s hours, avoiding the heat of the day, traveling when it pleased them. Blind Seer suggested, “Tell her dawn of the fourth day. That will give us a little more time without inconveniencing them. ” Firekeeper translated this, and Kalyndra seemed to understand. “Someone will come and wait for you,” she promised. “Probably Enigma. He’s not bothered so much by weather. ” Firekeeper understood this. The gate into the New World, the only one they had opened thus far, had its end point in a ruined stronghold that had once belonged, as humans saw things—and technically still belonged—to Tiniel and Isende, the last remnants of the family who had been given the land by other humans.

One of the ships that patrols our seas and keeps peace with the sea dragons came into harbor. They had been gone from before the first sick one came through the gate, yet their windmaster is dead. He fell ill the very day Klart did, and nearly at the same hour. ’” Urgana put down the journal, and spoke in her own voice. “Because Fael herself did not contract querinalo, she goes into some detail about what happened next. I will summarize. The last of those who could operate the gates—a weakly talented spellcaster, a child hardly awakened to her power—opened the gates time and time after, so that some of the inhabitants could escape.

You can’t hide that under a broad-brimmed hat. ” “Smoked glasses,” Isende said promptly. “Like some sailors wear at sea to protect their eyes. ” “You have an answer for everything,” Derian said, and this time his smile was more honest. “I see you tearing yourself up,” Isende said. “You talk about your family all the time. You obviously miss them. ” “I lived with them until I was nineteen,” Derian said. “Then I went on the road with Earl Kestrel, and sometimes I don’t think I’ve been home since. I don’t feel like I have a home anymore.

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