Under Siege (Jake Grafton, Book 4)

Stephen Coonts

Language: English

Pages: 408

ISBN: 0671722298

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jake Grafton races against time to extinguish a harrowing terrorist plot in Washington, D.C., and prevent all-out catastrophe from enveloping the nation When the psychotic Colombian drug lord Chano Aldana is extradited to the United States for trial, he brings his army of vicious mercenaries with him. And as Aldana’s hit men target the President of the United States, the capital is plunged into chaos that only veteran fighter pilot Jake Grafton can stop. With the help of an investigative journalist and an undercover agent, Grafton must find the deadly assassins before they can strike again. But time is running out, and the future of the country hangs in the balance.

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This neighborhood was much like home. Here they felt comfortable in a way they never would in the sprawling suburbs with huge lawns and tree-shaded dark places and the winding little lanes that went nowhere in particular. Tony checked his watch. Thirty minutes or so to wait. Vinnie fondled the shotgun. Tony adjusted the rearview mirror and his testicles and settled lower in his seat. Twenty-six minutes later a yellow cab slowly passed. Tony watched in the driver’s door mirror as the brake lights came on and the cab drifted to a stop in the middle of the block.

That’s right. But this is an answer of sorts to a legit question. What is the federal government doing to bring to justice the people who indirectly caused eleven deaths in the heart of Washington? Cherry’s answer—that’s a nonquestion. ” “And if Cherry has said that to three reporters, who else has he said it to? ” “Precisely. Hell, knowing Cherry, he’s … And I know him. What I can’t figure out is, did he spill the beans on his own hook or was he told to? ” “If you knew that,” Jack Yocke mused, “you might get a better idea of whether or not it’s true.

Money, money, money. Hadn’t the other man killed the evening Harrington died also had something to do with money? Didn’t he own some kind of check-cashing business? The phone rang. Still tapping the Second Potomac story, Yocke cradled the receiver against his shoulder and cheek. “Yocke. ” “Jack, there’s been a shooting at the day-care center in the Shiloh Baptist Church, next door to the Jefferson projects. About thirty minutes or so ago. Would you run over there? I’m also sending a photographer. ” “Yo.

Jefferson agreed as he forked into the eggs benedict. “We thought we would get into the check-cashing business at several likely places around the country. We’ve located a little business here in Washington and want you to buy it for us. You’ll do all the negotiating, set up some corporations, front the whole deal. ” “Same as the DePaolo deal? ” “Pretty much. ” “What’s the name of the company you want to buy? ” “A to Z Checks. The owner ran into some trouble Friday evening and the business now belongs to his widow.

Yocke wondered if there was a big book in Chano Aldana’s future. A darkly handsome man in a gray suit came out of one of the doors. He squinted against the floodlights, then said hello to the TV talker and Mergenthaler. “My client will be out in a moment. Here are the rules. He has a statement to make, then the TV people get five minutes to ask questions. After they finish, Mergenthaler gets five minutes. ” “I don’t want Mergenthaler here while we’re filming,” the correspondent said. “When will you run your interview?

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