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A #1 New York Times Bestselling Author -- Filled with the boundless invention unique to Clive Cussler, this is one of the most thrilling novels yet from the grand master of adventure...In the middle of the Indian Ocean, a NUMA research vessel is taking water samples at sunset when a crew member spots a sheen of black oil ahead of them. But it?s not oil. A swarm of black particles suddenly attacks the ship, killing everyone aboard while the ship goes up in flames. A few hours later, Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala are on their way there, and what they find will lead them to the most audacious scheme they have ever encountered.

The Proposal (Animorphs, Book 35)

Hot Springs (Earl Swagger, Book 1)

Batman: The Novelization

Fugitives (Escape From Furnace, Book 4)

Sniper's Honor (Bob Lee Swagger, Book 9)















He had Mustafa and he knew it. A little prod to his pride would seal it. “There is no reward without risk, Mustafa. If you are willing to be more than Jinn’s puppet, you must understand this. ” Mustafa took a breath, steeled himself against the fate. “We will act,” he said firmly, “upon receipt of ten million in advance. ” Xhou nodded and waved one of his men over. A suitcase was dropped to the floor. Mustafa reached for it. As he touched the handle, Xhou spoke again. “Remember, Mustafa, there are places in my country littered with bones as well.

Right on schedule, the battering ram of a hammer fired just as it had before. But with Kurt’s body twisted out of the way, it slammed into the huge oval window. The eerie sound of cracks traveling through the acrylic caught everyone’s attention. They turned just as the window, designed convexly with all its strength focused outwards, failed from the inside. The water blasted in like a crashing wave, hitting everyone and everything at once. It swept the people, the furniture, and the machines across the room, slamming all into the far wall.

He’d been secluded up here for hours, and he’d been an engineer before becoming a computer programmer. She guessed he knew what he was doing. Besides, she saw six other setups that looked identical to the one in front of them. She assumed they were controls. “So what does that mean? ” she asked. “And this time pretend you’re a woman and share. ” “There are two possibilities,” he said. “Either something else is responsible for the majority of the cooling or the microbots are cooling the ocean through some other process or mechanism that we’ve yet to observe or discover.

The anchor released somehow. It must have been a glitch or a malfunction of some kind. ” Gamay looked at Paul, thankful to have him with her instead of in the water with those things. It seemed they’d found a horrible bit of bad luck. Or had they? She began to wonder about Marchetti’s crew. Otero and Matson had been bought. What was to stop any of the others from selling out? She kept the thought to herself, looked at the dark sample they’d recovered and tried to remind herself that aside from Paul there was no one she could trust implicitly.

Come with me,” the major said, grabbing a walkie-talkie. Joe climbed off the boat and onto the angled surface of the dam. He ran alongside the major, clambering upward and following the trail of water. The slope of Aswan is only thirteen degrees, relatively mild unless one is running up it at full speed. After covering seven hundred feet horizontally and ninety-one feet vertically, the major was winded, and they still hadn’t found the breach. “The flow is getting worse,” he said, pausing near the stream.

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