The Stampeders (Savage Texas)

William W. Johnstone, J. A. Johnstone

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0786031360

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st Century

A Yankee and an outlaw have become unlikely partners in a tough Texas town. In the blockbuster new series by USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone, Sam Heller and Johnny Cross face a stampede of danger--ignited by one pretty little woman. . .

Angel Of Death

When a lovely lady steps off a dusty stagecoach in Hangtree, the hardest heart skips a beat--and Sam Heller falls hard for her. What Hangtree doesn't know, however, is that Julia Pepperday isn't who she pretends to be. She is the daughter of the late Black Ear Skinner, a notorious outlaw who wanted his only child to have all the advantages in life and sent her back east.

Black Ear Skinner's apple hasn't fallen far from the tree, though. Julia has turned her back on the fancy boarding school and set her sights on Hangtree, because that's where Sam Heller has built a hard-earned fortune. Backed by her late father's gang, Julia is out to separate Sam from his money and destroy Hangtree in the process. But while Sam and Hangtree have lost their heads, Johnny Cross has kept his--and he's getting ready for war. . .

Head in the Clouds

Seize the Sky (Sons Of The Plains, Book 2)

Lawless Prairie

Spirit of the Mountain Man (Mountain Man, Book 16)

The Hour of Lead

The Californios




















When Brody stumbled a little, the opportunity came and she seized it without thought, hesitation, or any specific plan. Brody fell back against one of the support uprights that reached from the dirt floor to the base of the loft above. His arms flailed reflexively to the side, leaving his chest open and unprotected. Della stabbed with the pitchfork and struck home, though only penetrating a couple of inches. The pain of it was sufficient to drop Brody to his knees, though, giving Fulton time to break fully away from him, stumbling off while gripping and gingerly rubbing his twisted arm.

Well, nobody knows for sure. But the figuring is, if anybody could get Heller to let the cat out of the poke, it’d be a pretty lady who gets close enough to him. That being you. ” “Right. ” “Has that happened? Have you cuddled up enough with him to get him to talk? ” “We kind of got interrupted, you know. ” “By Brody, you mean. ” “That’s right. By Brody, and a smashed head. ” “Forget all that a moment. Let’s move ahead. The plan is, you find out where Heller hides his money that ain’t in the bank, and how to get to it.

Outwitted by a simpleton! Hiram Tate would never let him hear the end of it. “Boy, you hand me that pistol back, you hear? ” Bill held out his hand and tried to look intimidating. Timothy would have none of it. The pistol in his hand gave him a sense of power he was not accustomed to. He waved the weapon in Bill’s direction and took two steps back. “I’ll shoot you! ” Timothy declared loudly. The pistol moved about in such a broad pattern that it was clear to all watching that Timothy might hit anything or anyone within a 180-degree sweep, if the pistol went off.

We can practice. Right now. ” “You ain’t supposed to be doing such, are you? ” “That was right after I was hurt. I’m fine for it now, as long as I don’t trip and fall. ” “You start planting them dainties of yours down where my big old paddles are slapping the floor, trip and fall is just what you’ll do. ” Clad in her nightgown and a modest white robe borrowed from her hostess, Julia got out of bed. Heller held her hand to steady her, and they simply walked about the floor a few moments, letting her get past the dizziness that still plagued her.

I need to know where it is. I didn’t come to Hangtree without some degree of means. I’ll be needing to open myself a bank account here. ” “Beauty, a good brain, common sense. And grit. And apparently a bit of money, too. ” “A bit. I’d like to make it a lot more. ” Johnny Cross chuckled. “You’re the full combination, lady. It really ain’t going to be only poor old Timothy trailing around after you. ” “I’m counting on that, Johnny Cross. I came here to move my life ahead, not backward. ” “Meaning? ” “Wait and see.

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