The History of the Jewish People in the Age of Jesus Christ: 175 B.C. to A.D. 135, Volume 1 (New Revised English Edition)

Emil Schürer

Language: English

Pages: 631

ISBN: 2:00200655

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Critical presentation of the whole evidence concerning Jewish history, institutions, and literature from 175 BC to AD 135; with updated bibliographies.

















832-47; X V I (1959), 8 2 1 - 5 3 ; X V I I (i960). 774-88; X V I I I (1962), 620-7; X I X (1963), 901-24; X X (1964), 412-95 (Palestine). A separate volume of Indices (1970) covers v o l . XI-XX. N e w l y published o r revised R o m a n inscriptions are surveyed, and largely reprinted, in A n n e e fipigraphique (1888- ). P . Thomsen, Die Paldstina-Literatur I - V I I (1908-70), covering the years 1895-1945, and A (i960), for the period 1878-94, devotes sections to a very full, if inevitably indiscriminate, hsts of epigraphic publica­ tions from Palestine and t o some extent from elsewhere.

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A u g u s t u s left behind him at his d e a t h an account of the most important acts of his reign, to b e transcribed on brass tablets and placed before his mausoleum. Suet. Div. Aug. l o i : indicem rerum a se gestarum, quem vellet incidi in aeneis tabulis, quae ante Mausoleum statuerentur. T h i s account is available primarily from §3- Sources: Greek and Latin Authors 67 the t e x t inscribed in L a t i n and Greek on t h e marble walls of the T e m p l e of A u g u s t u s at A n c y r a in Galatia.

A. Schwarz, Die hermeneutische Analogic in der talmudischen Litteratur (1897); Syllogismus (1901); Induktion (1909); Antinomic (1913) ; Quantitdtsrelation (1916); Kontext (1921). S. Schlesinger, Beitrage zur talmudischen Methodologie (1927). Atlas, h u c a 24 (1952-3), x d - x . L. Jacobs, Studies in Talmudic Logic and Methodology (1961). E. Wiesenberg, 'Observations on Method in Talmudic Studies', J S S 11 (1966), pp. 1 6 - 3 6 . s. x-'jiion nn^inV, Rabbinic Theology: F. Weber, Jiidische Theologie auf Grund des Talmud und verwandter Schriften (''1897).

But all of them in the last resort rest on R. Akiba. ' 2 5 . The theory that a written compilation of the Mishnah existed before that of R. Judah ha-Nasi w^as advanced by Z. Frankel in Hodegetica in Mischnam (1859), who insisted on a Mishnah of R . Akiba and another of R. Meir. I t is, however, thought that both were only in part recorded in script. See J . Deren­ bourg, Histoire, pp. 399-401; Strack, pp. 20-5; Ch. Albeck, Untersuchungen iiber (lie Redaktion der Mischna (1923), pp. 89—121; Einfiihrung in die Mischna (1971), pp.

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