Taking it Back: White Flag of the Dead Zombie Series

Joseph Talluto

Language: English

Pages: 210

ISBN: 0987104403

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Publishers note - This is book 2 of the Severed Press edition of the White Flag of the Dead Series. If you have the original self published White Flag please wait until book 3.

Around every corner, they are waiting. In every dark alley, they are lurking. Behind every door, they are hiding. For each survivor of the Upheaval, every day brings the same grim reality: the dead are coming. For every community that managed to survive, for every band that came together, questions nag their minds. Are they alone? Are they the last ones left? Does humanity die with them?
As the dead roam the abandoned highways and walk among the ruins of the living, one group will make a stand to halt the tide and take it back.

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2 The first week in Leport was an adjustment, as we went from comfortable condos to classrooms again, but it was necessary in order to finish the defenses for the town. Tommy and Charlie had tinkered with the backhoe and bulldozer for three days before they managed to get them running. Once they did, they dug a six foot wide, six foot deep trench around the perimeter of our town. That actually took a shorter amount of time than I expected. Tommy’s arm had healed pretty well, and Jason Coleman was nearly fully healed as well.

I shrugged. “Something is bugging my spider sense. I want to check this out. ” I moved back to Charlie’s vehicle and Sarah got out of her side and got into the driver’s seat. I could hear her talking to Jake as I approached Charlie’s truck. “Hi big guy! ” That wasn’t for me. Charlie rolled his window down and looked at me quizzically. “Any real reason why we should care about those Z’s? ” “None that I can think of, just a feeling I have. ” I replied, keeping an eye on our friends who had now seen our convoy and me walking, and were desperately trying to get through the brush in our direction.

Damn. A fast one. His success as a zombie was evident by the copious amount of dried blood about his face and hands. His shirt was filthy with blood. As he reached out I ducked aside and swung my pickaxe as hard as I could. The chisel end connected solidly with the Z’s knee, cracking it and tumbling the large zombie to the ground. It tried to stand up, but its leg buckled and wouldn’t support it. A large hand reached out to grasp me as I got closer and I used a baseball swing to crush the skull of the ghoul at the temple.

I guessed we would sleep where we could and there seemed to be enough room all around. I put our gear next to everyone else’s and said, “Let’s go. ” Tommy nodded and fired up the motor. We were going to use the motor sparingly, to conserve fuel for the return trip, and would drift most of the way down. We knew where we were going, but we had to be careful getting there. Charlie, Martin, and myself all had long poles which we would use to steer around debris in the river. If we needed the motor we would fire it up, but for the most part we were returning to the days of Huck Finn.

That’s what I was thinking, too. As rough as life has become, all it would have taken for it to get rougher would have been the government getting involved,” I said, tickling Jake on his tummy, eliciting a squeak of protest. “Change of subject,” Sarah said. “Go for it. ” “When are we moving? ” she asked. I smiled. “Been talking to Rebecca, have you? ” “Can’t help it. We’re women. Besides, Charlie is much less resistant to Rebecca’s charms than you are to mine. ” Sarah slid down on the floor. “Guess you’ll have to just work harder,” I said, wiggling my nose into Jake’s.

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