Shadow Raiders: The Dragon Brigade

Margaret Weis

Language: English

Pages: 704

ISBN: 0756407222

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A new swashbuckling epic fantasy by New York Times bestselling author Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes.

The known world floats upon the Breath of God, a thick gas similar to Earth's oceans, with land masses accessible by airship. The largest of these land masses are ruled by the rival empires of Freya and Rosia. Magic is intrinsic to the functioning of these societies, and is even incorporated into their technological devices. But now a crucial scientific discovery has occurred that could destroy the balance of power--and change the empires forever.

DragonSpell (Dragon Keepers Chronicles, Book 1)

Magic and Witchcraft

Storm Riders (The Dragon Brigade, Book 2)

The Descent of Perfection

Harry Potter E l'Ordine della Fenice (Harry Potter, Libro 5)
















Stephano caught the flash of silver in the old man’s hand. “Traitor! ” Stephano yelled after him as Benoit descended the stairs. “Perhaps next time, Master, you will answer the door yourself,” Benoit returned, pocketing the coin. Stephano, pointedly leaving the sitting room door open, turned back to glare at Dargent, who smiled at him pleasantly. “Stephano, you are looking well,” said Dargent. “And you, Master Rodrigo. You seem fit. How are your father and mother? ” “In good health, monsieur, thank you,” said Rodrigo.

The others followed more slowly, reluctant to enter. “It’s like walking through the gates of Hell,” Albert said, his voice muffled by the handkerchief he was holding over his nose and mouth. Father Jacob turned back to regard them with impatience. “You’re dawdling. Albert, please go tell Brother Paul we are here and ask him when would be a good time to interview his patient. Sir Ander, Brother Barnaby, I need you both with me. ” The great cathedral with its twin spires, each topped by an ornate cupola, towered above them.

Her gown was simply and elegantly made of sky-blue satin, the skirt falling in sumptuous folds from a pointed bodice, the sleeves tight to the elbow, then flowing and lined with lace. She wore a necklace of blue sapphires and several very fine jewels on her fingers. Among these rings, lost and unremarked amidst the rubies and diamonds and sapphires, was a plain golden band, which she never took off. When she was preoccupied, she would often absentmindedly twist this little golden ring. The countess led Stephano from her study into a library filled with books, whose leather bindings gave off a pleasant scent.

The pirates would sail their ship over to the other merchant ship to exchange information. Once close by, the pirates would use canister rounds to sweep the deck and then board the helpless victim, rob the merchant of anything of value, then leave the survivors adrift in the Breath. The navy was alerted to this threat and sent the cutter RNS Defiant to the area. “The Defiant arrived to find a merchant ship under attack. The Defiant sailed in to stop the attack and capture the pirates. The Defiant was a twomasted floating warship with sixteen twelve-pound cannons and a crew of one hundred men.

Stephano lingered in the courtyard a moment, seeing if anyone was interested. At first he saw no one and was ready to join his friend. He had set his foot on the lower stair, when he saw a shadow out of the corner of his eye. He glanced over his shoulder back out into the street. The drunk with the slouch hat, who had been asleep on the bench, was now very much awake, standing in front of the iron gate and peering intently inside the courtyard. The drunk caught sight of Stephano, tugged on his hat, slurred, “ ‘Afternoon, Guvnor,” and lounged off.

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