Sacred Evil (Krewe of Hunters, Book 3)

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0778312429

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A terror born of Jack the Ripper

The details of the crime scene are no coincidence. The body—a promising starlet—has been battered, bloodied and then discarded between two of Manhattan's oldest graveyards.

One look and Detective Jude Crosby recognizes the tableau: a re-creation of Jack the Ripper's gruesome work. But he also sees something beyond the actions of a mere copycat. Something more dangerous…and unexplainable.

As the city seethes with suspicion, Jude calls on Whitney Tremont, a member of the country's preeminent paranormal investigating team, to put the speculation to rest. Yet when Whitney and Jude delve deeper, what they discover is more shocking than either could have predicted, and twice as sinister…

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Perception (Clarity, Book 2)


Tomes of Terror

The Book of Night with Moon (Feline Wizards, Book 1)




















Nice,” she said, accepting the newspaper and seeing where the picture had been displayed. “How was your night? ” he asked. “Quiet,” she assured him. “You slept well? ” “Like a baby. ” “Well, I won’t have to be worried tonight. You won’t be alone. The rest of your team gets in today. ” “I wasn’t worried last night,” she assured him. “But I like my team. I’ll be glad when they’re here. And, I think you’ll like them, too. ” “I’ll like anyone who can move this investigation in a forward direction. The news has picked up on the unknown victims we discovered.

The news is shooting through all five boroughs, the country and the world like the spew from a geyser. Jack’s back. That’s what they’re saying. Anyway, he wants you in here, now. ” The twenty-first-century media was amazing, Jude thought. He barely knew anything about the crime, but rumor was running rampant, and he understood that One Police Plaza wanted this solved as quickly as humanly possible. Two other murder investigations were open on his slate; this seemed to be the one that mattered. Naturally.

Jake stepped in to clarify. “Whitney has been reading that book your dad loaned her. She found a reference to Blair House, and a young woman named Annie who disappeared at the same time as the Carrie Brown murder. ” “The author believed that she disappeared here because, of course, he hated everything going on at the House of Spiritualism,” Whitney said, staring straight at Jude. He nodded, frowning. “I have a forensics team coming out in the morning—a crime scene unit. ” Jackson cleared his throat.

We’ll be there,” Jackson assured him gravely. “How’s the sushi? ” Will asked. “Pardon? ” Jude asked. “Sushi—dinner,” Will said, waving his chopsticks in the air. Jude laughed. “Sorry, it’s great, and thanks. ” When they finished, Will and Angela went to study the bank of screens in the hallway. Whitney urged him to come back to the den, where Jake Mallory was set up. “You know that Hannah and I are sharing our information. We’ve done personality studies with Jackson on some of your movie principals. ” “And what are your conclusions?

But it had been perfect for the set designers when they had installed their prefabricated backdrops and facades, and it had been right next to Blair House, a truly creepy old place. She hadn’t been spooked during the day. The day had been chaotic with actors and crew, one shot being set up while another was being shot, sometimes over and over again if Avery didn’t like the lighting or the camera angle. How had she managed to be the very last one on set? Oh, yes, waiting and praying that Bobby would really call her.

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