Renewal 4 - Down on the River

JF Perkins

Language: English

Pages: 40


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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Publisher: JF Perkins
Publication Date: 2011-07-09
Number of Pages: 61
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Synopsis from Amazon:

When the fight for post-Breakdown law and order begins, Terry joins the small band from Coffee County on a mission to the new state capital, in a plea for official justice against local tyranny in the wilds of Tennessee. A larger crisis forces a detour into the broken and dangerous territory of a destroyed Nashville to face an unknown enemy.

Domain of the Dead

Them (Remnants, Book 3)


















Mr. Carter? ” Bill stood up to greet her, but no sign of greeting was apparent. “Yes, I’m Bill Carter. These men are with me. ” “If you’ll follow me, the Attorney General is ready to see you. ” She turned on her heel and marched back in the direction she had come. Bill, like the rest of his men, was watching her backside sway back and forth and wondering if Murfreesboro had a stable of hot blondes just for every state office. They fell into a rough line behind her and found the view even better as they climbed the stairs to the third floor.

Terry felt thankful to clear the area and to get his buttons open before he pissed himself, which he missed doing by less than a second. He groaned loudly as his bladder began to relax. As Terry buttoned his fly, Jeffry sidled up and offered some handy advice. “Listen, man. You don’t have to wait until my brother says it’s ok. Let someone know if you need to take a leak. We don’t hang you for that. ” Terry laughed quietly, and said, “This has been the craziest day of my life. I honestly didn’t even notice until your brother actually said the word ‘piss’.

The food prep area, where he and Arturo had collected the food before, was the opposite. In fact, Dad told me later that if he could have crawled into a hole and screamed, he would have. The broad stainless steel tables were littered with a ragged and bloody array of body parts. Francine pulled her mask up and vomited explosively on the tile floor. Dad said he was in too much shock to throw up, at least at the time. The scraping sound gave away the cannibals before Dad or Francine saw them. Even when they did catch a glimpse, the sheer filth of the people, darkened with dried blood and grease and dirt, made excellent camouflage in the dark room.

Thought you might need a table,” George said, “But I should’ve known better. ” Dad shrugged and smiled while everyone greeted each other. “You and your boys do good work, David. That must have taken an hour or two,” George said, running his hand over the rough planks of our latest project. He turned to Kirk and me. “Show me your hands, boys. ” We held our blistered palms up for his inspection. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’ll try to to let you know ahead of time, next time,” he said with a smile. George walked back over to the tractor and plucked a cooler off of the mower deck.

He turned southwest for a few blocks and crossed under one of the pristine sections of freeway. Broken buildings of larger size surrounded them as they turned back towards the Cumberland River and zigzagged along the clearest roads. How Ned knew them all was a mystery. On the other hand, the man was old enough to have been a taxi driver before Nashville fell. Seemed like a good answer at the time. Ned turned right into a section of stunted trees. Terry could see old rusting machinery scattered haphazardly in the woods, and assumed correctly that this had once been a work yard of sorts.

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