Preservation (Vaccination, Book 3)

Phillip Tomasso

Language: English

Pages: 174

ISBN: 1925047660

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It started with the flu in VACCINATION and became a full blown zombie apocalypse in EVACUATION. Find out how the nightmare concludes in PRESERVATION.

Former 911 Dispatcher, Chase McKinney, learned that those inoculated with flu shots became zombies; that the US government and military were largely infected, rendering them useless in the crisis; and that he and his family are forced to continue along on a dangerous journey.

Crossing into Mexico might provide the only sanctuary from the millions of zombies plaguing America. The question is, could they make it safely from New York to the border ...


United States of the Dead (White Flag of the Dead, Book 4)

Survival Instinct

Eat Slay Love (Living with the Dead, Book 3)
















Why not get lit. If it was his party, or anyone else’s, for that matter, I would do the exact same thing. My mother-in-law’s mouth formed a giant “O” before she covered her face with both hands. “Mom? ” I started toward her, toward my son. Felt it in my stomach; a churning, a flip-flop. Something was wrong. She stepped away from the highchair, took several steps backwards. I heard Cash cry. Despite the shouts that echoed out from the bouncy house; from the mood music that blared from a radio set in the kitchen window; from the fucking clowns doing lame magic tricks to their screaming-kid audience in front of me, I heard, distinctly, my son crying.

And like this--” I looked around, “--we’re sitting ducks. You know? We’re out in the open. ” “Let’s just get you onto the plane,” Dave said. “Shoot me,” Sues said. “Get it over with. Just end this for me. ” I got under an arm, and lifted Sues up off of Dave. He got under the other, and we hoisted her up onto her feet. “That hurts,” she said, and winced. “We’re almost to the plane,” Dave said. We weren’t. We shuffled forward, Sues’ feet nearly toe-dragging on the asphalt. Allison stood in the doorway at the top of the small set of stairs.

What? ” Charlene said. “What if that was us. What if we were the ones back there fighting off those things. Wouldn’t we want, wouldn’t we pray for help? ” “We might,” Charlene said. “But we wouldn’t expect it from a group of people we’d just chased off, that we’d just threatened. ” “Exactly. That’s why we’re doing it, going back. ” Allison pursed her lips and nodded. “Dave? ” I said. “I’m with you. Have been since the beginning. If I wasn’t, I’d just tell you to go fuck yourself. ” I laughed. “I know that you would.

It still seemed dry, very dry. “Where is Cash? ” She said. She didn’t know. I’d not had the chance to tell her. How could I not have told her that our son had been shot and that he died after surgery? It was going to crush her. It still crushed me, mashed my heart to a pulp inside my chest. The door that Julie and Donald just came through opened again, and in a dark suit with a crisp pressed white shirt and necktie was Cash. “Hey, Mom, Dad,” Cash said. Cash. He was dead. I buried him. I’d held him, and placed him in a hole I’d dug in the ground.

With them that close, I can hit them. ” “Head shots? ” Charlene said. “I can only do the best I can. ” It might have been an honest answer. It wasn’t a comforting one. “Okay. You are going to concentrate on taking them out. Head shots. Once you fire, the element of surprise is gone. If they’re the fast ones, they are going to come at us without much time for reloading. Have your clips handy, okay? ” Kia immediately moved one clip to each pocket so that they protruded slightly. She checked her weapon. “We’re good.

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