Preacher's Blood Hunt (Preacher/First Mountain Man)

William W. Johnstone

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0786033401

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st Century

It's fur trapping season and Preacher is about to discover the Rocky Mountain trail holds more than wild game--it's also infested with murderers and trail trash quick to deceive, steal, and hunt Preacher down. Among them are Jebediah Druke, his ruthless band of killers, and most terrifying of all, the barbaric renegade Crow warrior known as Blood Eye. When Preacher shows up and gets on their bad side, he stirs up a clash that could lead to a brutal and bloody battle.

Preacher gears up for his own brand of raw justice when he learns Blood Eye's been tracking him with nothing but bad intentions. There's a showdown coming and only one man will ultimately rise up out of the carnage. . .

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Blood Eye had had Charlotte as his captive for an entire long day. It was obvious the renegade Crow lusted after her, and she had been powerless to stop him from doing whatever he wanted. It wasn’t her fault. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Will knew that, and he knew it shouldn’t make any difference in the way he felt about her. He didn’t want it to make any difference. The best thing to do was put it behind them and pretend it hadn’t even happened. They had to concentrate on getting out of this mess alive.

I don’t think anybody’s interested in doing that. ” “You got ’em buffaloed that much, do you? ” Some of the men looked a little uncomfortable at the way the conversation was going. Druke scowled and snapped, “Forget it. You won’t drive a wedge between me and my men. Now get on with it. You’ve had enough time to get the feeling back in your hands and feet. ” That was true. Preacher’s feet and legs still felt a little clumsy, but he thought he could get around all right. His hands were almost back to normal.

Some people would consider that cold-blooded murder, but to Preacher’s mind it was more a case of justified execution. Besides that, it would keep Blood Eye from getting on his trail later and seeking revenge. But before Preacher could do that or anything else, he heard voices behind him. “I tell you, I heard something movin’ around back here. ” “It was probably just an animal. I promise you, since we got Gardner and that Injun tied up, there ain’t nobody else in this valley brave enough—or stupid enough—to come sneakin’ up to the fort.

Such is my right. ” “You had no right to beat me as you did. You had no right to keep me a prisoner and make my life a living hell! ” “You’ll come back home with me now,” Pendexter said as if he hadn’t heard her. “Everything will be just like it was before, you’ll see. ” “Nothing will be the same. I’ll die first! ” Charlotte plucked one of the pistols from behind Will’s belt. She twisted toward Pendexter and brought the gun up in both hands. Her thumbs looped over the hammer to cock it. “Kill the men!

Here to gloat, Abe? ” Flintlock said. “Gettin’ even for old times? ” “Hell, no, I got nothing agin you, Sam. You got me two years in Yuma but you treated me fair and square. An’ you gave my old lady money the whole time I was inside. Now why did you do a dumb thing like that? ” “You had growing young ’uns. Them kids had to be fed and clothed. ” “Yeah, but why the hell did you do it? ” “I just told you. ” “I got no liking for bounty hunters, Sammy, but you was a true-blue white man, taking care of my family like that.

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