One Night With a Prince (The Royal Brotherhood Series)

Sabrina Jeffries

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One Night With a Prince (The Royal Brotherhood Series)

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Not exactly, but —” “As I said, a selfish, thoughtless arse. Tell me, Christabel, when you first met him, was your husband a gambler? ” She stuck out her chin. “Moderately so. ” “How do you know he was moderate? Did he ever promise to be somewhere and then not appear, pleading headache or some other nonsense? Was he always the one to suggest cards as the evening’s entertainment? Did his pay often mysteriously disappear —” “Stop it! ” She shoved his arm aside to escape his too-accurate description of a man whose proclivity for gambling even her father had questioned.

What is your offer, sir? ” His eyebrows shot up. “Greedy little spitfire, aren’t you? I think you’ll like what I propose. If you’ll tell Prinny that you’ll authenticate the letters if I’m forced to publish them, then I will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. ” “Byrne offered me riches, too,” she lied. “Why should I take your offer? ” “He doesn’t have the letters. And I do. When Prinny marries me off to Princess Charlotte —” “He’ll never do it,” she broke in. “His Highness has loftier husbands in mind for her.

That I love you? I can’t help it. It’s true. ” Panic swelling in him, he tore his gaze from her. “It’s not. What you think you love is an illusion. Meeting my mother put some notion in your head that I’m noble and unselfish and all those damned things you admire. But I’m not. I only survived those years of poverty by beating my conscience into silence and trampling my heart. ” “But you don’t have to do that anymore. You have a successful business and friends and family —” “The point is, it’s done. I can’t regain what I lost, Christabel.

It’s not every day that you get shot at by a woman. ” “And you no doubt deserved it,” his wife added with a small smile. Christabel tipped up her chin. “He did indeed. ” “Yes,” Mr. Byrne snapped. “Like a fool, I tried to collect my due after your husband ordered his banker not to honor his note. What was I thinking? ” His sarcasm — and his lies — infuriated her. “Philip said you allowed him credit, then reneged. ” “Haversham lied. ” “He would never have done something so dishonorable,” she said stoutly.

Trying not to let the frank approval warm her, she dropped her gaze from his. “Am I? ” He wiped her hand clean on her drawers, then tossed them aside. “Oh, yes. ” Bending to press his lips to her cheek, he murmured, “Time to move to your bedchamber, my sweet, where we can be more comfortable. ” A groan escaped her. He was not going to take this well, was he? “I…I would rather not,” she evaded. “I’m tired, and you have to be at the club —” “I don’t, I told you. ” He nibbled her ear as he laid his hands on her waist.

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