No B.S. Ruthless Management of People and Profits: The Ultimate, No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners Guide to Really Getting Rich

Dan S. Kennedy

Language: English

Pages: 345

ISBN: 2:00097825

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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Here it is: no warm 'n fuzzies, no academic theories-just hard-core strategies from real world trenches…the long-overdue management book no one but Dan Kennedy would dare to write. This is your permission slip to take back control of your business, enforce standards, manage for maximum profit and actually get performance from your people!
Kennedy covers: * The true nature of employer-employee relationships: friendly while you feed them (Why ownership mentality is a futile and dangerous goal) * The two most crucial (and liberating) management decisions * The worst number in business is…(fix this before it's too late!) * Leadership is vastly overrated: a new, rational model for profitable productivity * Why and how to make marketing the master-all others servants * Mice at play, and how to get compliance when the cat's away * Finding the magic “GE-Spot” for your particular business' greatest success with its customers * Fairness be damned-to the winners the spoils (it's time to start paying for performance, not for showing up) * Is a happy workplace a productive workplace? a serious look at the new, fun mandate-lies the management theorists sell * Managing the sales process-the biggest instant improvement (more $ now!)

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1 is a graphic of the Leadership Matrix Cycle I use in my businesses and teach to my clients. Whether you run a solo 147 Ruthless Management of People & Profits FIGURE Leadership Matrix Cycle L e a d e r s h i pM a t r i xC y c l e business or one with a large staff, this illustrates the components of success. Personal Clarity You'll notice that the middle of the matrix is you, what your personal core values are. Frankly, if your personal core values are not known and understood, you can't reasonably expect the people around you to act in conformance with them, can you?

Because the idea of leadership is attractive, but the choices made by somebody acting out leadership are likely to be controversial, even extreme, and there's no way to objectively evaluate them. One man's leadership admired by some is just as easily criticized by others as pigheaded. One man's visionary leadership some find awe inspiring, others find fantastical. In historical retrospect, President Kennedy is revered as a visionary and courageous leader for setting the goal of landing men on the moon and doing it.

I will probably hear from some of you. It won't be fan mail. You might want to know before writing that I practice as policy "immunity to criticism. " I expect about 33% to rejoice is speaking the truth and providing both permission to behave in a sane manner as a business owner toward employees and honestly practical advice for doing so. I expect to hear from a lot of you. Of your relief. Of being emboldened. Of your success. I expect the middle 33% to just be perplexed. But then, the middle 33% is pretty much perplexed 100% of the time about 100% of everything.

When I took over a terribly troubled manufacturing company, its assembly line mimicked CHAPTER 6 T H E T W O MOST CRUCIAL MANAGEMENT DECISIONS OF ALL NO B . S . Ruthless Management of People & Profits 3s God's for snowflakes: every item coming off it was different. Employees can, obviously, make and ship defective goods, ship goods to the wrong place, pack goods poorly so they break, damage raw materials, waste materials, annoy and drive away customers, not answer the phone until the eighth ring instead of the third as instructed, thus letting prospects you paid money for give up and hang up, and on and on and on ad infinitum.

Out of all the employees we saw on this show, only one actually did the work she was supposed to do without goofing off and cheating to cover it she was urged by the other employees to stop. The survey takers met the ridiculously low, easy quota by filling out many surveys themselves, then one took a nap on a park bench, another went shopping, and several took lunch breaks much longer than allowed. They falsified their work, defeating its purpose, skewing the results. When shown they were caught, they were unashamed.

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