Minx (Blydon, Book 3)

Julia Quinn

Language: English

Pages: 228

ISBN: 0749939141

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"It takes a minx to tempt a rogue...Beautiful and feisty Henrietta Barrett has never followed the dictates of society. She manages her elderly guardian's estate, prefers to wear breeches rather than dresses, and answers to the unlikely name of Henry. But when her guardian passes away, her beloved home falls into the hands of a distant cousin.

And it takes a rogue to tame her...William Dunford, London's most elusive bachelor, is stunned to learn that he's inherited property, a title...and a ward bent on making his first visit his last. Henry is determined to continue running the Cornwall estate without help from the handsome new lord, but Dunford is just as sure he can change things...starting with his wild young ward. But turning Henry into a lady makes her not only the darling of the town, but an irresistible attraction to the man who thought he could never be tempted.

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Of that I am certain. ” “In the drawing room then. With the other spirits. ” “It’s worth a try. ” He let her lead the way to the drawing room, noting with satisfaction how well her new dress seemed to fit. Too well. He frowned. She really had quite a nice shape, and he didn’t like the idea of someone else discovering that fact. They reached the drawing room, and Henry crouched down to look in a cabinet. “I don’t see any,” she said. “Although, never having seen a bottle of port, I really haven’t the faintest idea what I’m looking for.

He placed his hands on her shoulders, needing to keep her at arm’s length, then realized that any touch between them was potentially explosive, so he pulled back his hands and moved across the seat cushion. Then he moved to the opposite seat. Henry touched her tingling lips, too innocent to understand his desire was being held in check by a very thin thread. Why had he moved so far away? She knew he was right to stop the kiss. She knew she ought to thank him for it, but couldn’t he have remained by her side and at least held her hand?

That much was never in doubt. But all the same—” “No, no,” she said with an expansive wave of her hand. “There is nothing else to be done. I cannot take water from the animals. I take my position here at Stannage Park very seriously, and I could not be so remiss in my duties. I shall see to it that you are able to bathe twice a week, and I—” Dunford heard himself groan. “—I will bathe every other week. ’Twill be no great hardship. ” “For you, perhaps,” he muttered. “It’s a good thing I bathed yesterday.

He sank his teeth into it and pulled it out of her hand. Dunford watched with interest as Rufus gnawed the carrot into nothingness. “I’m really very sorry about your papers,” Henry said, aware she had apologized more that day than she had in the past year. “So am I,” he said absentmindedly, “but I can always write a note to Leverett and have him send out another copy. Another week or so won’t hurt. ” “Are you certain? I shouldn’t want to ruin any of your plans. ” He sighed, wondering how his life had been turned upside down by this woman in less than forty-eight hours.

Dunford arrived a few minutes later and gave her an approving nod. “You look lovely, Henry. ” She smiled her thanks but decided not to put too much stock in his compliment. It sounded like the sort of thing he said automatically to any woman in his vicinity. “Is that all you have? ” he asked. Henry looked down at her meager valise and nodded. She hadn’t even enough to fill a proper trunk. Just her new dresses and some of her well-worn men’s clothing. Not that she was likely to need breeches and a jacket in London, but one never could be sure.

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