Little Myth Marker (Robert Asprin's Myth Adventure Stories, Book 6)

Robert Asprin

Language: English

Pages: 200

ISBN: 0898654130

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jealous opponents of the young magician Skeeve and his demon mentor hire a top Character Assassin to force them out of business.

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Does she wiggle her nose or something? ” Guido glanced across the room at the other two, then lowered his voice conspiratorily. “Just between you and me, Boss, I think you would be well advised to accept this particular moll that Don Bruce has personally selected to send. Know what I mean? ” “No, I don’t. ” I grimaced. “Excuse me, Guido, but the mind’s working a little slow just now. If you’re trying to tell me something, you’re going to have to spell it out. ” “Well, I did a little checkin’ around, and it seems that Bunny here is Don Bruce’s niece, and…” “HISN…” “Ssshh.

That is, no, I haven’t forgotten about you. ” Her deep blue eyes locked with mine, and I felt myself sinking helplessly into their depths. “That’s good,” she said in that musical voice of hers. “I was worried about taking you up on your offer after all this time. ” That got through the fog that was threatening to envelop my mind. “Offer? What offer? ” “Oh, you don’t remember! I thought… oh, this is embarrassing. ” “Wait a minute! ” I cried. “I haven’t forgotten! It’s just that… let me think… it’s just…” Like a beam of sunlight in a swamp the memory came to me.

Then I’ll be…” “Wait a minute! Aren’t you forgetting something? ” “What’s that? ” “Pidge’s marker. Hang on and I’ll get it. ” He disappeared before I could protest, so I leaned against the wall to wait. I had forgotten about the marker, but the Geek was a gambler and adhered more religiously to the unwritten laws of gambling than most folks obeyed civil law. I’d just have to humor him and… “Here’s the marker, Skeeve,” the Deveel announced. “Markie this is Skeeve. ” I just gaped at him, unable to speak.

There is one more thing,” I announced. “Now that we’ve taken care of the Ax and the Kid, I think we should address the major problem that’s come up… while everyone is here. ” “Major problem? ” my partner scowled. “What’s that? ” Taking a deep breath, I went for it. Chapter Twenty: “So what else is new? ” —W. CRONKITE THE whole crew was staring at me as I rolled my goblet of wine back and forth in my hand, trying to decide where to start. “If I’ve seemed a little distracted during this latest crisis,” I said at last, “it’s because I’ve been wrestling with another problem that’s come to my attention… a big one.

With her little beret and matching jumper, she looked so much like an oversized doll that I wondered if she’d say “Mama” if you turned her upside down, then right-side up again. She was so adorable that it was obvious that anyone with a drop of paternal instinct would fall in love with her on sight. Fortunately, my partner had trained me well; any instincts I had were of a more monetary nature. “What’s that? ” I demanded. “It’s a little girl,” the Geek responded. “Haven’t you ever seen one before? ” For a minute, I thought I was being baited.

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