I, Sniper (Bob Lee Swagger Novels)

Stephen Hunter

Language: English

Pages: 544

ISBN: 1416565175

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The explosive New York Times bestseller by Stephen Hunter that sends ex-Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger into the thick of an FBI investigation and features some of the greatest gunfights ever to grace the page.

It takes a seasoned killer…

Four famed ‘60s radicals are gunned down at long range by a sniper. All the evidence—timeline, ballistics, forensics, motive, means, and opportunity—points to Marine war hero Carl Hitchcock. Even his suicide. The case is almost too perfect.

…to hunt one.

Recruited by the FBI to examine the data, retired Marine sharpshooter Bob Lee Swagger penetrates the new technology of the secretive sniper world to unravel a sophisticated conspiracy run by his most ruthless adversary yet—a marksman whose keen intellect and pinpoint accuracy rival his own. But when the enemy and his deadly henchmen mistake Bob for the hunted, it’s clear that some situations call for a good man with a gun…and the guts to use it.

The Second Saladin

The Message (Animorphs, Book 4)

The Forgotten (Animorphs, Book 11)

The Departure (Animorphs, Book 19)














He looked around—nobody nearby; someone taking dictation; someone on the phone, too busy to attend the meet; Jack Sims, notorious curmudgeon, boycotting as he had famously for twenty years; researchers sitting at their screens still grinding away; yadda yadda, the same old. God, he loved it. It had taken most of his life to get here, and it had seemed so far away for so long, but now he was actually a member of the bureau in the biggest, fiercest town of all, for the greatest newspaper that ever lived and breathed, and he counted, he was one of them, he was part of it, he moved, he shook, he influenced.

Just figured if it had an AK-47, it was worth shooting. ” “Chuck, I’ll shake your hand gladly. You and me, brother, that’s us out there looking for AKs with targets attached. Glad you made it through your thirteen, glad you made it here. ” “You paid for this, right? ” “I guess so. Somebody had to, and I have a few bucks scraped up. That’s all. ” “Gunny, can we talk? Can I buy you a cup of coffee, a drink? ” Bob thought: there goes the flight plan. “Sure,” he said. “Let’s find a place. Coffee’s fine. I have a drinking problem just barely beat, and if I take a slug of bourbon, you won’t see me until the next monsoon.

You will, Tom. Trust me. You might even surpass yourself. ” “Let’s hear it. ” “Well, it seems that brother Banjax, ace reporter that he is, has just gotten a very interesting tip. It could be the end of our problems with Special Agent in Charge Memphis. ” “He has hung in there a long time. ” “The director likes him. Everybody likes him. But not after this. ” “Go ahead. ” Fedders savored his drink, letting the mellow glow spread. “It seems that maybe Memphis isn’t the boy scout everybody thinks he is.

It doesn’t need a style. It’s not supposed to fly along. Nobody’s publishing it except a Xerox machine. ” “Yes sir, and I’m not Agatha Christie either, but it’s got to make sense, be smooth, hang together, and give its readers a clear view of the case and our conclusions. That takes time. ” “Is your support up to par? ” Of course it wasn’t. The problem was Ron Fields, a brilliant operator, a former SWAT hero with more than a few gunfight wins to his credit, an up-and-comer of the Nick school, decent and true and modest and funny, but .

We’re all professionals and we’re all under great pressure from management to produce. Now, I have to come up with something. I have to publish something. I can’t go in and say, ‘Oh, I spent three weeks and I came up with nothing. ’ That’s just not good. So if I have to, I suppose I could go with the Tulsa episode. It does seem like legitimate information that the public needs to have. There is a great deal of interest in this case, and you folks did such a good job and worked so fast and got there in time to prevent any other killings, but it seems to have come off the tracks since then.

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