Hollow Earth

John Barrowman, Carole E. Barrowman

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 1442458534

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this fresh and innovative middle grade fantasy, imagination matters most in a world where art can keep monsters trapped—or set them free.

Lots of twins have a special connection, but twelve-year-old Matt and Emily Calder can do way more than finish each other’s sentences. Together, they are able to bring art to life and enter paintings at will. Their extraordinary abilities are highly sought after, particularly by a secret group who want to access the terrors called Hollow Earth. All the demons, devils, and evil creatures ever imagined are trapped for eternity in the world of Hollow Earth—trapped unless special powers release them.

The twins flee from London to a remote island off the west coast of Scotland in hopes of escaping their pursuers and gaining the protection of their grandfather, who has powers of his own. But the villains will stop at nothing to find Hollow Earth and harness the powers within. With so much at stake, nowhere is safe—and survival might be a fantasy.

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She scrambled back over the rocks to Zach’s backpack, barely able to see what she was doing, her only light coming from the glow of the changeling’s yellow eyes and the pulse of light from the tower’s beacon. The changeling’s distorted face grinned at her every time the beacon’s light caught it. Matt was weakening. Scuttling over Matt’s shoulder, the changeling clinched itself around his chest and began to squeeze the life out of him. Hunting for pen and paper inside the backpack, her fear and frustration making her search all the more difficult, Em could feel a drumming beginning in her head.

SIXTY-EIGHT The twins climbed fast, hoisting themselves over the ledge and into the cavernous space. Matt pulled the light cord. It took them a few seconds for their eyes to adjust, but when they did, they quickly noted that their hideout was just as they had left it a few hours before. Given that and the nature of Vaughn’s injuries, Vaughn must have been attacked when he had already climbed down from their hideout. Matt went over to the couch, knelt down and looked underneath. ‘What are you doing? ’ ‘Following a hunch.

A Guardian must protect their Animare at all costs and take nothing in return. Renard and the other Guardians could never prove it, but there have always been rumours that Wren has used Animare for his own financial gain. ’ ‘Like Grace Fortescue? ’ asked Em. ‘Exactly,’ Simon said. ‘Your grandfather thought that whatever Wren was orchestrating, it involved you and Em. He had met recently with Guardians based in Scotland, and they were convinced Wren was plotting something. ’ ‘We must do something about those two in the swamp, Simon,’ Mara said, pulling her phone from her jacket and glancing at her watch.

We should start climbing. ’ Matt’s eyes were red-rimmed, and Em’s chest was hurting from the effort of containing her tears. We can’t leave you, Zach. You must. Matt stood up and grabbed Em, dragging her towards the stepped crevices leading up to their hideout. ‘Wait,’ she yelled, pulling away. Digging out the piece of charcoal from her pocket again, she quickly sketched the picture of a big black blanket on a hidden stretch of wall. Without needing to be told, Matt spread the blanket over Zach and Vaughn, camouflaging them in the cave’s darkness from whatever was heading their way.

Simon nodded. ‘It’s built around one of the oldest fortified tower structures remaining in Scotland,’ he explained. The tower on the right was about fifty feet taller than the one on the left, a flagpole flying the St Andrew’s cross and another flag showing the Abbey’s crest – a majestic white stag with enormous wings. The central structure connecting the two towers was three storeys high and topped with a series of turrets that Em decided were part of the Abbey’s living space. She’d spotted the shadow of a figure darting away from one of the turret windows when they’d pulled into the courtyard.

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