Gareth: Lord of Rakes (The Lonely Lords)

Grace Burrowes

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1492638617

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Grace Burrowes writes The Lonely Lords with passion and heart

Caught between a rake and certain ruin...
Felicity Worthington's only hope of avoiding poverty-or worse-is to learn to run the brothel bequeathed to her by a distant cousin. Gareth Alexander, Marquis of Heathgate, finds himself in the impossible position of having to help Felicity by teaching her the art of pleasing a man. Felicity's loveliness in no way reduces his resistance, leaving Gareth to wonder if the honor he thought long dead still survives, and whether that honor will allow him to yield to the lady's ruinous scheme...and to their shared desires...

"Sizzling sexy...the miracle of love and the magic of Grace Burrowes' writing come together to create an escape into the Regency world where romance finds a way against tremendous odds." -Long and Short Reviews
"A wonderfully written story of redemption full of humor, secrets and action." -Under the Boardwalk

Once you enter Grace Burrowes' lush Regency world, you'll never want to leave.

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She asked in a small, unhappy voice. He came back to the bed and sat, drink in hand, with his back to her. “I am sorry, Felicity, but with you, I do not want to be simply a stiff prick with a title and a good eye for a pretty bauble. ” He sounded beyond weary; he sounded forlorn. “I am sorry too, Gareth,” she said, her hand on his back. He didn’t acknowledge her touch, but instead lifted the covers and lay beside her. “Come here,” he said shortly, wrapping an arm around her. “Let’s begin again, shall we?

Crabble does the marketing, and if the young misses need to go out, they take at least two footmen. ” “Why would they need to go out? ” “They went to services this morning, your lordship. ” Because that’s what decent young ladies did of a Sunday. Gareth fell silent, unable to think of any other way to pump Brenner for details without sacrificing his own dignity. Instead, he directed his staff to have the coach available at half eight that evening, his evening clothes laid out, and Andrew notified of a change in the evening’s plans.

You are noticing my mismatched eyes,” Holbrook said. “I’ve been told that in more superstitious times, having one blue eye and one green eye might have cost me my life, being a mark of the devil and so forth. ” “If they are a mark of the devil,” Astrid cut in, “they are quite beautiful nonetheless. I should die for one gorgeous blue eye and one delectable green eye. ” “Astrid, you do not comment on the appearance of a gentleman of recent acquaintance! ” Felicity admonished, though Astrid’s lamentable audacity routed the last of Felicity’s physical unsteadiness.

My fingers have become clumsy. ” And her heart had filled, because Gareth’s touch went from careful to reverent as he undid one small bow after another. He pushed the fabric off Felicity’s shoulders and closed his eyes, his hands settling on either side of Felicity’s neck. Warmth coursed through her, from his touch, from the angle of his head as he learned the contour of her jaw with his fingertips. This was personal tutelage too, but Felicity was not the pupil. Not the only pupil. “So soft. ” He tugged her closer, so she stood between his thighs.

She’d purchased some sandalwood soap from the shop he patronized on Oxford Street, and despite the extravagance, had made sure she could torment herself with his scent even after today. “I am crying because I will no longer be your virgin, or your whore, or your spinster, or your anything. You have become dear to me, Gareth Alexander, and I do not know how I will cope without your friendship in my life. I am sorry to burden you with these untidy emotions, but you should know somebody cares for you.

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