Forest Of Wolves (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Seekers: Return to the Wild)

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Pages: 304

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It was a longer route to the top but would be much easier for Yakone to manage. “Over here! ” she called. Her friends made their way toward her with Toklo supporting Yakone, while Lusa once more brought up the rear and kept an eye out for danger. But as soon as Toklo reached Kallik and began to examine the track she had found, he stiffened and gave the air a long, careful sniff. “What’s wrong? ” Kallik demanded. Toklo paused before replying. “I can smell another brown bear,” he told her, shifting his paws uneasily.

Lusa called back. “There are two more wolves to come! ” She knew they had to get the last two up there quickly, so that Izusa could start the avalanche and get to safety herself. She didn’t want her to have to be up there with a pack of angry wolves any longer than needed. The last two stragglers were growling around Maniitok, darting in to slash at him with their claws. Lusa could tell the old bear was growing tired. His courage never faltered, but he couldn’t fight both of them at once. With a last desperate effort Lusa lunged at one of the wolves, gripping its shoulder in her jaws as she tried to throw it to the ground.

She felt as if she had been climbing all night, but the mountain still loomed above her, stretching black and forbidding into the dark-blue sky. Then all the hairs on Lusa’s pelt rose as she heard howling break out behind her, faint at first but growing clearer with every pawstep. The wolves are on the run! Now Lusa knew that Toklo and Yakone had scared the wolves enough to send them fleeing. Soon they would be driving the pack straight up toward the ridge. The bears had to be in place before then! Lusa forced her tiring legs to run faster, and as she rounded an alder thicket, she spotted Makya just in front of her.

I know,” Toklo began, “but—” “Maybe we should have looked for something while we were hiding in the trees,” Kallik went on, as if Toklo hadn’t spoken. “There wasn’t time,” Toklo protested. “If we’d tried to hunt, the firesnake would have left without us. I know you’re worried,” he added softly, “but when we get to the mountains—to the Sky Ridge where I was born—everything will be fine. Trust me. ” A spark of anger flashed in Kallik’s eyes. “Oh yes, everything will be fine for you! ” she exclaimed.

Terror flashed into the white bear’s eyes. For a moment he hesitated; then he hauled himself to his paws. Staggering, his chest heaving with deep breaths, he took a pace or two across the den floor. Yes! You can do it! Lusa shouted in her mind, though outwardly she remained silent, afraid of distracting Yakone. Limping badly, but with his jaw set determinedly, Yakone lurched forward and dragged himself out of the den. “Which way? ” he demanded as Lusa scrambled after him. “Follow me! ” Lusa headed back toward the stream where she had left Kallik.

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