Day of Deliverance: A Jack Christie Adventure 2

Johnny O'Brien

Language: English

Pages: 137

ISBN: 2:00093762

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The exciting second installment in the Jack Christie adventures.

Jack and Angus’s time travels are heating up again, and this time the boys must save Queen Elizabeth I from an early death. Meeting the playwright Marlowe and a young actor named William Shakespeare along the way, Jack and Angus will have to use all their bravery and skill to thwart their archenemy, Pendleshape, and his misguided notions of changing history.

The Aquitaine Progression

Knight's Shadow (Greatcoats, Book 2)

The King's Deception (Cotton Malone, Book 8)

Strike Back

The Deception (Animorphs, Book 46)














16. . . Last time this had happened, Jack had been so frightened he had not noticed the physical changes around him in the Taurus chamber as they approached the event horizon – the point of no return. Around his feet he could see shimmering eddies of light. He supposed they were some sort of electrical disturbance, a bit like the ion-charged curtains of blue, red and green, that were known as the Northern Lights. The shimmering became stronger and it was as if he were standing in the rippling waters of an illuminated whirlpool.

Each member of VIGIL had their everyday persona: teacher, shopkeeper, janitor and so on. Then they had their other, secret, role in the VIGIL organisation – scientist, analyst, technician or security guard. For example, Jack had learned that Miss Beattie was not only an expert on Shakespeare, but also had a first class degree from Cambridge and had done stints at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the European Organisation for Nuclear Research – CERN. Gino – actually Professor Turinelli – was a computer expert, and Jim De Raillar and Jack’s mother were analysts.

You have to make your own choices, Jack. Despite this, I still hope that we might meet one day, talk as friends and perhaps even find a way to make peace with VIGIL. But what I really wanted to say is this: I am proud of you. Dad Angus looked up. “Wow. What do you think he will do next? ” Jack shrugged. “No idea. He’s in a pretty desperate situation… a fugitive. Must be tough – on the run from VIGIL. ” Jack quickly pocketed the mobile as Gino brought over the Gino-chinos and the chip butties, taking his own place next to them at the booth, with a small espresso in front of him.

It was now clear how that advantage would be achieved and how the Armada would snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. In a final throw of the dice, Pendelshape was about to give Philip II his day of deliverance and change the course of history for ever. “What is that? ” Jack said. “Helicopter gun-ship,” Tony answered. “Pendelshape and the Revisionists have transported it back on the time signal. We got here at the right time. ” “It’s a what? ” “A Westland WAH-64 Apache – the British army version. It’s got the Rolls-Royce engines, a chain gun that will fire over six hundred rounds a minute, and those pods on the side carry hellfire and CRV7 rockets.

You’ve got to be kidding, Sir. You’re saying that you can kind of use that computer to say what would happen to the world if you assassinated Hitler and measure how happy everyone would be as a result? ” “Indeed. It sounds strange, I know, but every scenario has up sides and down sides; winners and losers. What we are seeking to do is to find the best overall scenario which optimises human well-being in the long term – and for that matter the well-being of the planet, and, yes, we can’t really do the comparison unless we can measure the scenarios.

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