Darker Side Of Tthe Moon "They" Are Watching Us!

Rob Shelsky

Language: English

Pages: 213

ISBN: 2:00105174

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UFOs, Ancient Aliens, Alien Abductions, “2012”—what does it all mean? Is any of it real? Are aliens our "friends"…or not? "Darker Side Of The Moon “They” Are Watching Us!" takes an entirely new approach to these questions. Using the powerful Principle of Occam’s Razor, a renowned tool used by scientists the world over, the authors apply this same method to the above topics. In so doing, they arrive at some startling and disturbing conclusions. What's more, using one of NASA’s own commissioned reports, they take it all one step further, promoting a frightening idea, that we're being watched and more... This is a different type of UFO book, one that uses scientists own methods to prove compelling points. For readers, the conclusions may mean they never quite look at the world in the same way again. And also unlike prior books, Darker Side Of The Moon "They" Are Watching Us! is an in-depth look at how scientists and ufologists differ in their approaches to UFOs. The authors discuss what really constitutes evidence, why do scientists insist upon a "preponderance of evidence” for UFOs and the like, but not for other subjects? When scientists declare that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence," just what does that really mean? The authors answer these questions and then proceed in a step-by-step, systematic way to build an incredible case for their theories. When it comes to sighting UFOs, the authors have some strong advice! Out of caution, it may just be wise for us all to take it. If you have an interest in UFOs, aliens, alien abductions, ancient aliens, and even what may happen in December of 2012, then you should read this book.











Mech. Vol. 103 1916 Oct 10 Plato Pickering's craterlet No. 59 involved in reddish shadow and disappeared. Usually distinctly seen under similar illumination. Maggini Sci. Amer. 1919 1917 Jan 8, ~07h45m Dionysius Point on rim of crater shone like a small star for sometime after entering the eclipse shadow (Lunar eclipse) W. F. A. Ellison Ellison 1917; Fisher 1924 1919 Nov 7, ~23h45m Tycho, vicinity Long ray in direction of Longomontanus remained visible glowing in weak gray-green light during whole eclipse (until clouds stopped observation) (Lunar eclipse) Fock Fock 1920; Fisher 1924 1920 Near Vitruvius Some peaks varied considerably in brightness Franks Wilkins and Moore 1958 1922 Nov 28 La Hire; 20 min Shadow cut through by white streak H.

Is this the same phenomenon as the “blinking light? ”) 30. April 12, 1826, 20h00m, Mare Crisium, “Black moving haze or cloud. ” Observer: Emmett. Reference: Emmett 1826; Caprilon 1879. 31. Jumping ahead in time some here, December 25, 1832, Aristarchus Crater, vicinity, “Bright spot. ” Observer: C. P. Smyth. Reference: Smyth 1836. 32. December 22, 1835, 18h30m, Near Aristarchus Crater, “Bright spot, 9th to 10th mag. ” Observer: C. P. Smyth. Reference: Smyth 1836. 33. February 13, 1836, Messier, “Two straight lines of light; a band between covered with luminous points.

Circ. 1966, 1, No. 6 1966 May 1, 22h10m Aristarchus; 15 min Small intense white spot NW of crater wall M. Brown, Sartory B. A. A. Lunar Sec. Circ. 1966, 1, Nos. 6, 7 1966 May 27, 21h10m Alphonsus; 50 min Faint red patches Sartory, Moore, Moseley B. A. A. Lunar Sec. Circ. 1966, 1, No. 6 1966 May 30, 20h52m Gassendi; 7 min Blink, orange patch and obscuration Sartory B. A. A. Lunar Sec. Circ. 1966, 1, No. 6 1966 Jun 1, 03h20m Aristarchus Entire sunlit area of floor, bluish Bartlett Bartlett 1967 1966 Jun 3, 06h10m Aristarchus Nimbus only, violet hue Bartlett Bartlett 1967 1966 Jun 26, 04h30m - 04h40m Alphonsus; 10 min Absorption band (4880 +- 50A) seen in spectrum of central peak Harris, Arriola Harris 1967 1966 Jun 27 Plato; 15 min Inside SW wall of crater, blink Hedley Robinson, Sartory B.

And they are seen, or manifestations of them are seen, in some areas much more than others. Why this is, is still unknown, although again, various theorists refer to a world grid of power points, or ley lines that provide energy, etc. , which they utilize to facilitate the movement of their UFOs. Still others think there might be “star gates” through which they can transport that might exist in certain areas; such gates perhaps being natural or otherwise. But given the available evidence, the multiple sightings, we have established what we think is a pattern.

Aliens or extraterrestrials, whether they are from another solar system, our own solar system, some other dimension, or future time, do exist. Simply put, they are here and they are not “us. ” At least not yet, since some theorists claim they are slowly turning “us” into “them. ” 2. In all likelihood, they have been around for a long time in one form or another. This may mean we have had a succession of visits, which might include different or multiple alien species, or it may simply mean we've had the same ones appearing in our skies for centuries, perhaps even for millennia.

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