Black Skies

Leo J. Maloney

Language: English

Pages: 308

ISBN: 0786036117

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A ripping story-rough, tough, and entertaining. -Meg Gardiner "Maloney is the new master of the modern spy game" -Mark Sullivan In his most explosive thriller to date, Black Ops veteran Leo J. Maloney goes deep inside a vast global conspiracy bent on the annihilation of the United States-by land, by sea, and by air . . . Black Skies A team of Navy SEALs wiped out in a surprise attack. A motorcade of dignitaries ambushed-and the U.S. Secretary of State abducted. But this is no random act of terror. A vision of evil unprecedented in scope has been triggered. The enemy will not stop until the skies over America are black with death and destruction. CIA veterans Dan Morgan and Peter Conley-code names Cobra and Cougar-are America's last chance at averting an unthinkable scenario of bloodshed . . . Praise for Leo J. Maloney's Novels "Everything a thriller reader wants" -Ben Coes on Silent Assassin "This is one outstanding thriller" -John Gilstrap on Termination Orders "High-powered . . . tense and terrifying" -Hank Phillippi Ryan on Termination Orders

The Experiment (Animorphs, Book 28)


Her Lone Wolf (X-Ops, Book 2)

The Familiar (Animorphs, Book 41)



















Then, to the waiter who had approached, bearing an ashtray: “Be a dear and bring a girl a Bellini, would you, love? Möet. And it had better be Möet, because I’ll know. ” “Right away, mademoiselle,” he said, leaving the ash tray and taking the order. “I swear,” she continued, her attention back on the table, “I’ve never seen anyone put the chips down on the craps table like that, Gunther. You really are in your own class of high roller, aren’t you? ” “Ah, my dear Lily, don’t you understand how boring it gets?

That doesn’t square with the theory that he’s been in someone’s pocket for a long time. He’s in drug enforcement. The natural supposition is that someone is paying him to look the other way on drug trafficking. If that’s right, then this doesn’t make any sense. ” “Maybe,” said O’Neal. “But a lot of that money was cashed out almost immediately. And if we look at his previous statements, we see that money was slowly draining out of his account, and would have reached zero in short order. ” “What does that mean?

Things the Secretary was privy to? ” “The interagency liaison is supposed to forward that to us, but they’re dragging their feet on it. My guess is they need to sort through security clearances to figure out what’s going where. ” The thick black liquid poured into her cup, and he handed it to her. He set another one and pushed the button for a cappuccino. “You want some balls to go with that? ” she said, sipping her espresso through a grin. He flipped her the bird as he took his drink from the machine.

Something about how Gunther and Lena Weinberg acted around each other put Morgan off. There was something almost possessive in the way Lena clung to her brother. “Lena, play nice now,” said Weinberg. “How about a turn at the roulette table? ” “How about poker? ” piped in Harper. “After all, we should strive to make Mr. Morgan feel at home in a strange land. ” “Very well,” said Lena, tight-lipped. “Gunther, would you find a waiter? A glass of Margaux, if they have it. If not . . . well, you know what I like.

We go in packing, and they start shooting as soon as they see us. ” “If they start shooting, don’t we want to shoot back? ” “Let’s try to keep this one low profile, shall we? ” said Conley. “All right,” said Morgan as he unstrapped his shoulder holster and laid it on the floor of the car at his feet. “But you let me do the talking, all right? ” Morgan got out of the car and moved with purpose to the door of the bar, sinking his boot into the slush as he crossed the deserted street. The air was chilly, and Morgan had worn only a short-sleeved shirt for mobility.

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