Biggles WWII Collection: Biggles Defies the Swastika, Biggles Delivers the Goods, Biggles Defends the Desert & Biggles Fails to Return: Omnibus Edition [Retail]

W. E. Johns

Language: English

Pages: 463

ISBN: 2:00361441

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Biggles is back!

Caught up in the German invasion of Norway in the early days of the Second World War, Biggles has to use all his cunning to stay one step ahead of the enemy. With his old opponent Von Stalheim hot on his trail, it's going to take a daring act to avoid the horror of the Nazi firing squad.

Deep in the jungle heartland of Japanese occupied Malaya, Biggles and his team operate a secret commando base. It's deadly, dangerous work, risking enemy capture and Biggles is fighting to bring all his men out alive.

With a dangerous mission ahead and the threat of being shot down in the waterless wasteland of the African plains, Biggles is in the desert, defending the vital air-route from the West coast of Africa to the Middle East. When a number of planes fail to arrive at their destinations, Biggles is there to find out why - and stop it happening again.

Biggles is missing in action. Last seen lying shot and wounded, surrounded by the enemy, his chances are looking bleak. But Algy, Ginger and Bertie will not give up until they find him, dead or alive, and if this means going behind enemy lines, then that's what they will do.

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Biggles spoke to Ginger. ‘Take Ayert with you and work your way round the back of the buildings to the launch. You ought to be able to take the guard by surprise. Scupper them, grab the launch, and stay on it. Your job then will be prevent anyone from getting aboard. The general idea is to get the enemy between two fires. We ought to drop half this bunch at the first rush. Get going. If possible I’ll wait till I hear you shooting before I open up, but if they start on Marling I shall have to cut in. Get cracking.

D’you think it’s true? ’ ‘I’m afraid it is. I don’t see what purpose he could have in lying to us. ’ ‘How did they get hold of him, I wonder? ’ ‘We got together during the day,’ explained Biggles. ‘You saw me take off with Schaffer? As soon as we were in the air I grabbed the machine. Ginger was hanging about outside the fiord, and in trying to shoot us down got shot down himself. I picked him up, and then came ashore while he went off in the machine to look for the fleet. Presumably he was shot down, or ran out of petrol; anyway, he must have found himself on the water, and was picked up by a U-boat.

A little group of pilots sat on the rocks near the machines, smoking. ‘What do you suppose became of Ginger? ’ asked Algy, after he had gazed at the scene for a few minutes. ‘We can only guess,’ returned Biggles slowly. ‘If he was here when this crowd arrived they might have sunk him before he could get off the water. Not necessarily, of course. He would certainly hear them coming, and by acting quickly might have got clear. On the other hand, if he came back and found this lot here, obviously he wouldn’t land.

Queried the N. C. O. , who was evidently of an inquisitive nature. ‘So that the enemy could pick it up, too? ’ sneered Biggles sarcastically. ‘Not likely. Where is the Commandant’s office? ’ The N. C. O. pointed. ‘Over there. ’ ‘Thanks. ’ Biggles walked on, leaving the working-party to continue its duties. He had no intention of seeking an interview with the Commandant. There was no reason why he should. He thought he could learn all there was to know about the place without asking pointed questions, either of the Commandant or anyone else.

He was, no doubt, on his way to his headquarters at the Hotel Port. The German opened his mouth to shout, but the only sound that passed his lips was a grunt. Biggles’s left fist shot out and took him in the pit of the stomach; then, as his head jerked forward, Biggles’s right fist flashed up in a vicious hook to the jaw. Brandt went over backwards; his head came into violent contact with the wall at the back of the pavement, and he lay still. The whole incident occurred in two seconds. Biggles looked swiftly up and down the lane, then at Algy.

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